Little Darcy

Browsing The Complete Works of Jane Austen like any normal eight month old.  A staged photo?  Never.

Meet Little Darcy, the miniature version of the love of my life. (To be clear, I mean my husband The Engineer, not the immortal Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride and Prejudice.  Because he’s, you know, fictional.  Unfortunately.)

This sweet boy joined our family in June of 2016 and we’ve been wondering what we could have possibly done to deserve such preciousness ever since.


Nothing, obviously. No one deserves a baby. But we’ve been entrusted with this angel anyhow.

If I’m being Ugly Honest (which is the point here, right?), LD is really only exceptional in that he’s ours. Which to us, Dry Mama included, makes him exceptionally exceptional. But for the rest of the world, LD is a pretty typical toddler—he’s very cheerful when he’s well-rested and well-fed, he’s adept at finding new ways to hurt himself in under a minute, and he likes to leave a little trail of chaos wherever he goes.

So why nickname him Little Darcy for the sake of this blog? Well look at him! Can’t you just tell that he’s going to grow up to be generous and loyal, with a hint of pride? That he’ll have a large income (10,000 a year!) and adoring servants? No? At least you’re honest, too.

This guy has bewitched me, body and soul.  I love, love, love him.

 Pride and Prejudice has been my favorite love story since I saw the Wishbone version on PBS. I read a young adult version in middle school and for years thought that was the real thing—until someone gave me the adult copy and I learned what “abridged” meant. I read that and fell ever more in love with Mr. Darcy. A college lit class explored good ole’ P&P for a bit, providing a little more of the background knowledge I still lacked to appreciate Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Collins, and the incorrigible Lydia. The Engineer gave me the complete works of Jane Austen for my birthday the first year we were together (when I turned 20)—and I finally read Emma and Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility. I reread at least one Austen book a year, usually when I’m cranky and in need of an old friend.

Long story short: I adore this precious boy and I love P&P.  And The Engineer wouldn’t let me name him Darcy in real life.  (I think he’s jealous.)  You can read more about The Engineer’s stubborn personality here.  Dry Mama wouldn’t, either, but why she has a say in these decisions I’ll never know.


Do you have a fictional love interest?  If not, I have some book recommendations for you!  If so, who is it?  Tell me below!

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