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Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

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Definitely Yes !!

there may be a sign that the drug or drug combination in no way should started
grandmother, could have at one time had easy access to
expired Social Security numbers, and just might have acquired
them for future personal use, wouldn’t MSNBC’s Rachel
Maddow, even now, be referring to the Bush clan as a
“Crime Family”. Yes !!

Of course, we know Bush was a “C” student because his
academic records, as is the practice in America, was freely
accessible to the American public. So why wouldn’t Bush
and his staffers, knowing full well he was a “C” student,
not try to hide his academic record ?? Could it be because
the public had a right to know ?? Yes !!

Had Bush attended three different colleges, including two
Ivy League schools, and refused to provide a transcript from
any of them, wouldn’t it be natural to assume that at best, he
was hiding them because he was a “C” student ? Yes !!

Wouldn’t it be perfectly logical to believe that hiding three
sets of transcripts from three different schools would hint at
far more than a lackluster academic performance ? Yes !!

If President George W. Bush had insisted that all of his
personal papers as Texas Governor were irrelevant to the
current debate and had them sealed, wouldn’t the New York
Times cover it “front page above the fold” for at least two
consecutive weeks. More than likely !!

if George W Bush had been a state senator from the
Midwest, and refused to allow any of his votes to be
placed into the public record. Wouldn’t those highly
intelligent ladies on “The View” have pilloried him as a
secretive, power-mad Nazi ?? Of course they would’ve,
and they’d have been right to do so !!

Had George W. Bush fiercely campaigned on transparency,
and then, upon election, forbidden perusal of his medical
records or even his passport wouldn’t EVERYONE
be more than a bit alarmed ? Ahhh, I hope so !!

If, as president, George W. Bush had spent millions of
dollars on politically motivated lawyers to dissociate him
from his actual life history, wouldn’t gathering clouds of
possible scandal have been insinuated every half-hour on
Headline-News ? No question about it !!

But, if George W. Bush had been a black, Democrat with
questionable foreign ties and Marxist parents, wouldn’t
it have been politically incorrect, to not continuously praise
him as an historic, post-civil rights, egalitarian reformer,
who only wanted nothing more than to fix America and
unite the world ? Yes ! Definitely ! Of course !!

If George W. Bush had been able to use the line “My mother
was from Kansas, my father from Kenya”, wouldn’t it have
been socially unacceptable, narrow minded, jingoistic,
xenophobic, not to mention out-right brutish, to ever, EVER,
not recognize him as the greatest president in the history
of America ??? Yes !! Right On !! Exactly !!

Seems like Lt. Colonel Larkin just might have been a political
prisoner after all !! As a matter of fact, I’m suddenly feeling
like one myself. It feels much better being a right-wing