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Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

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Which, I guess in a round-about way is the whole point of
Holy Week.

Then again, since this week also began with Tax Day, you could
reverently reflect on the wonders of “Government Spending”
and how it is the one true way to bring salvation to America and
the world.

Actually, that’s an issue where JESUS, “Dave”, and I, agree.
We’re not comfortable with fairy tales !!!

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Friday, March 18th, 2011

Not many people know this, but the late Bruce Lee actually
used his knowledge of martial arts and Eastern philosophies to
help him deal with the power crazed-insanity of the radical
Marxists Democrats of the early 1970′s. Well hey, it could
be true.

I’m sure Mr. Lee realized that in order for the Marxist-Democrat
agenda to succeed, they’d have to create societal turmoil and personal
confusion. In his movies he always knew that the only way to succeed
against his foes was to commit to clear, logical thinking. Hence, I
suspect Bruce Lee was a conservative.

The video above may be disturbing to some as Lee seems he
just may have achieved that mystically tranquil state that can
only be experienced when one is deeply rooted in common sense.

That’s important for me to remember because when I hear
liberals speaking I experience “personal confusion”. Anger tears
at my deeply rooted constitutional common sense. I find myself
screaming very unattractive phrases like; “Shut up you stupid
commie you’re insulting my intelligence”. I become water alright,
boiling water.

Curious if Eastern philosophy could help me deal more calmly
with liberals, I decided to follow Bruce Lee’s advice. So I tuned
into MSNBC’S “Hardball” with Chris Matthews. As Matthews
began his usual flow of intellectual vulgarities, I imagined myself
as “water”. Devoid of all malice and disgust I went with the flow.

Happily babbling his illogical observations as if they were
well entrenched facts, Matthews continued on. As anger
began to rise I focused internally on becoming one with the
‘crashing” ocean surf within me. My agitation waned.
It was working.

This time, when Matthews began praising Obama, I was rapt
in complete serenity as I saw myself pouring from a clear glass
pitcher into a fine crystal goblet. I didn’t even call anyone a
“lying Bolshevik’.

Finally, Matthews signed off. Impressed with my fresh
self-mastery, I rose peacefully, and calmly walked to the kitchen
cabinet. and commenced hurling, plates, dishes and glassware
against the wall. I spared the fine crystal goblets.

As far as I’m concerned, certain tenets of Eastern philosophy
can be quite useful. I have no qualms becoming “water” when
dealing with rude people or navigating drive time traffic on I-95.
And frankly I’m a great believer in the natural healing practices
of acupuncture, and shiatsu. To me, it’s obvious that Oriental
culture is light years ahead of the United States when it comes
to an innate knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

But as for politics …… I can’t imagine America would ever
have existed had the “Founding Fathers” possessed an Eastern
mindset. Unfortunately, Chris Matthews and crew are still
meditating on whether or not American existence was ever a
good idea. To the Matthews/Obama liberals, Eastern philosophy
or ANY other philosophy is superior to Western philosophy.

But somehow, I simply cannot envision Bruce Lee voting for Obama.
Besides, he advised us to be “water” not “hot air”.

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Monday, March 7th, 2011

If you fell asleep in front of the TV news during the 1960′s
and remained asleep until February 2011 you probably wouldn’t be
surprised to see that there was still a bunch of self-focused
spoiled brats protesting in Madison, Wisconsin.

What would surprise you is that today’s self focused, spoiled
brats are not University of Wisconsin students. Today’s
protesters actually have jobs. In fact, they have decent jobs.
These unhappy people have the pay and benefits many others
wish came with their jobs.

The 1960′s “Madison Malcontents” insisted that the government
needed to conform to “their ideals” of peace and freedom.
Those young idealists believed life should be a continuous

They desired to be left in peace so they could feel
free from “all” sense of responsibility. But it soon became
obvious that someone actually had to pay for their party.
Realizing that only responsible people can keep having
parties because they can pay for them, most of them
grew up.

The “Madison Mob” of 2011 is already old enough, and
responsible enough to know that not only is life not a
continuous party but that someone has to pay.
Someone’s paying alright. According to the non-partisan
Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI), in 2007 the
lifetime pensions of those working for Wisconsin it’s
municipalities and school school districts cost Badger State
taxpayer’s 1.3 billion dollars.

Remember that’s 1.3 billion for state pensions only. That
doesn’t take into account state workers current compensation,
or health care costs. But for some strange reason these
numbers exclude the city and county of Milwaukee. Hmm !
And those are only the available numbers from 2007 !!
Gee, ya think that number today might be higher or lower ?

WRPI also reports the “guaranteed pension” for an employee
receiving maximum retirement (25-years service) within the
Wisconsin Retirement System, depending on the position
they held, can expect to receive 70-85 percent of their final
salary for the rest of their lives. That of course doesn’t
factor in the “guaranteed” Social Security benefits they’ll
be able to claim at age 62.

Let me play a hunch here, and if you can prove me wrong
I’ll admit it. I’m going to assume that the majority of the
2011 “Madison Malcontents” are teachers. I have my
reasons. The website reports that
the average teachers salary in Wisconsin for the
2009-10 academic year was $ 52,644. By no means
radically excessive but nice pay for an 9-10 month gig
with holiday breaks, snow days, and first class benefits.

Data from the same website, shows
that among Wisconsin’s five major metropolitan areas
Kenosha teachers are the most highly paid at $ 68.400.
Green Bay teachers come in second with an average of
$55,110. Which begs the question that perhaps the best
way to determine if Wisconsin teachers are underpaid
might be to investigate how many of them hold Packers
season tickets.

If you’re on the side of fiscal sanity you need to look
no further than the current state of Wisconsin’s largest
public school system. In Milwaukee with all pay and
benefits included the average cost for one teacher (FY 2011)
is projected to be 105,000 per year. If you’re an adult,
you no doubt realize that’s unsustainable. If you’re still
unconvinced, consider the median private sector income
in Milwaukee is $ 42,900. No calculator required there.

Unlike their Madison Malcontent” counterparts in the
1960′s, the Madison Mob of 2011 aren’t quite so
idealistic or even as mature. Though it’s now blatantly
obvious that someone else can no longer continue
funding their lifelong benefits they refuse to grow up !!

Will they “ever” grow up ?? Maybe. Maybe not.
But if they don’t one thing that will continue to
grow is Wisconsin’s debt.

These are not same unions that went on strike in
Milwaukee in 1886 for an 8 hour work day. These are
middle class to upper middle class “public servants”
who seem to believe Wisconsin taxpayers just
aren’t grateful enough !!!

With Wisconsin’s current budget shortfall of 137 million,
and a long term debt approaching 4 billion, it’s quite
apparent Governor Walker needs to start cutting
somewhere. The best place to start is where the pain
will be felt the least. Obviously that’s in the over-bloated
state employee system.

Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, no real friend of
conservative Republicans admits that Walker is telling
the truth when he claims “Most state employees could
pay half as much toward their health care premiums and
it would be less than half the national average”.

Governor Walker’s proposed legislation is not an attack
on Unions. It’s an attack on the state’s debt. Even
with his proposed cuts, Walker’s proposal leaves all
government jobs intact. But, talk about slashing
Wisconsin’s debt is not new.

The Madison Mob was nowhere to be found in 2009 when
then Governor Jim Doyle, threatened to layoff up to
1100 workers, enact furloughs, suspend raises, and
and cut the budgets of local governments and school
districts. Perhaps they knew that Democrats like Doyle
only talk of fiscal responsibility when they’re courting
the “grown up” vote.

Because most people realize that grown-ups usually intend
to do what they say, there’s always adolescent whining when
grown-ups like Governor Walker somehow manage to get

Most of the Madison Malcontents of the 1960′s grew up
and had to face reality. The Madison Mob of today will
have to do the same thing. It’s time. The “big government”
lifetime party is over. In Wisconsin, and everywhere, it’s
time to grow up, again.

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Thursday, February 24th, 2011

My hometown newspaper, a loyal leftist propaganda
arm of the Tribune Company, has recently started hiding
all important “Nation and World” news several pages deep
inside each day’s paper.

Call me suspicious, but with the “Nation and World”
falling apart these days, I can’t help but wonder if
maybe they’re trying to avoid having to print a banner
headline that just might shed some light on who’s
responsible for the entire mess.

So today, with the Mideast on fire, and the malignant
fury of government unions spreading throughout the
American Midwest, my once highly respected hometown
paper led with yet another article about this area’s
proposed minor league hockey arena.

Again, call me suspicious, but if John McCain were
actually President right now, I have a feeling I’d really
have to dig to find out about that hockey rink.

Once I finally found today’s “Nation & World” section I
noticed on pages 10 and 11, directly across the fold
from each other were two similar pictures. One of
anti-Ghadafi protesters in Libya, the other of anti-Walker
protesters in Wisconsin.

Honestly, I compared these two photos for quite a while
and I’m still not sure which photo features the most
gruesome, vicious, facial contortions of the screaming
protesters, But one person in the Libya photo does
appear to be smiling.

Being suspicious, it appears to me that these photos
are side by side purposefully. I’m sure the editor wanted
readers to conclude that these two groups were in
solidarity against similarly evil repressive regimes.

Both groups want something. That’s for sure. It’s obvious
the Libyan protesters wish to rid themselves of a
dictator. Sadly, it appears many Wisconsin protestants
believe the same thing.

If those opposing Ghadafi had any idea why the union
folks in Wisconsin were so angry, and that they’d been
drawing parallels between Wisconsin and the Mideast,
who’d be surprised if they forgot Ghadafi for a moment and
began turning on any American still unfortunate enough
to still be in the country.

Believe me, I hope all Americans are already out. But who
could blame the Libyans if upon hearing of Wisconsin,
from sheer disgust they’d suddenly erupt into chants of
“Death to America”. “Death to America”.

Moammar Ghadafi “seized” power in Libya 41 years ago,
and justifiably Libyans have had quite enough. Scott
Walker duly “elected” in November, was “sworn in”
only 51 days ago, and the “Wisconsin Whiners” won’t even
let him get started.

To prevent a California-like collapse of the Badger State,
Governor Walker has proposed that Wisconsin’s state
workers health care payments would double from 6.3 % to
12.6% of their salary. The proposal would also require
these same workers to begin contributing 5.8% of
their income to “their” own retirement.

This still puts Wisconsin under the average out of pocket
benefit costs compared to government union employees in
other states, and still comfortably below the average of
their private sector counterparts.

Will this cause state workers financial inconvenience – Yes !
Are state workers going to have to tighten their belts – Yes !
Does “anyone” like this – No !!

The additional 12.1 percent of take home pay these
state workers are being asked to contribute for “THEIR” own
security and future, would be an absolute windfall to the
Libyans “risking their lives” protesting “THEIR” government.
So who should really be angry ?

I don’t know how these issues in Libya or Wisconsin will play
out. But I pray both groups find reason to be grateful for
the final circumstances of these events. But I know that’s

For that to happen it would require both groups of protesters
to switch countries.

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

If you’re a “thinking adult”, you’ve probably noticed that
the speeches of President Obama aren’t quite the glorious
events they once were.

It’s sad to think that only two short years ago, Barack
Obama could show up anywhere, crank up the reverb,
read the teleprompter, and women would faint, atheists
would fall to their knees, and the world’s tyrants were
allegedly streaming to Google to learn how to turn their
swords into plowshares.

That’s no longer the case. Since the mid-term elections,
even before friendly crowds, Obama seems at best
mechanical, and at worst distracted. He’s become
the American version of former Soviet Premier, Mikihail
Gorbachev (circa 1988).

Obama talks easily of freedom, prosperity, and the
inspiration of individual initiative, but “thinking adults”
realize that in 1988, as now, no one rises to the top of
the Politburo or the Democratic party without
unassailable Marxist credentials.

“Thinking adults” realize that recent history shows
both Marxists and Democrats speak of freedom,
individual initiative, and prosperity, when they really
mean government mandate, government oversight,
and government approval.

But that’s where Obama’s similarity to Gorbachev
ends. Unlike Gorbachev, who was economically forced
to adopt policies of “glasnost” (openness), and
“perestroika” (restructuring) in order to hold power,
Obama actually came to power promising openness and
restructuring, by campaigning against economic damage
caused by his own party’s policies. Which only proves
Obama may be as smart as he is anti-American.

But today, despite the same broad, calculated smile, the
same impressive baritone voice, the same attention
grabbing cadence, few are swooning, fewer are genuflecting,
and America’s enemies actually are, streaming to Google to
find out how to get their hands on nuclear weapons.

The major difference between the Obama persona of
the 2008 campaign and the Obama reality of 2011 is
that now when Obama speaks people are finally listening
to the words. And though the words made as little sense
in 2008 as they do in 2011, this time there seems to be
more “thinking adults”.

Once you engage your brain and realize that Obama’s
speeches are circular contradictions that violate every tenet
of capitalism, the Constitution, and common sense you can’t
help but notice that his voice sounds eerily similar to the
arbitrary, soulless droning of the vuvuzela’s made famous
at the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa.

During each World Cup soccer match, goals were scored,
players excelled, players disappointed, and a champion was
decided. The only constant during the 2010 World Cup
was the constant, meaningless wail of those thin, plastic

And so it is with our thin, plastic, President. In the months
preceding the 2010 mid-terms, political points were scored,
candidates excelled, candidates disappointed, and elections
were decided. The only constant was the desperate,
predictable whine of the “Vuvuzela in Chief”.

Whereas Gorbachev was willing to compromise on his
government’s economically destructive policies if it meant
the Soviet Union’s survival, even after a self described
“shellacking” in the 2010 mid-terms, Obama is more intent
than ever on preserving those same economically destructive
policies. Which means perhaps Obama is much more
anti-American than he is smart.

So there he was, the “Vuvuzela in Chief”, droning on during
the 2011 State of the Union Address. Once again promising
“He” knew how to make the nation right.

This time “He’d” insist that America couldn’t survive unless
80 percent of the population had access to high speed
rail. “He’d” inform us that we couldn’t “win the future”
unless we had new airports like those anti-environment oil
gluttons the Chinese.

He’d assure us it was absolutely imperative for 98 percent
of the population to have high speed internet access. “He’d”
again stress investments (spending) on “biomedical research,
information technology, and especially clean energy technology”
which if we’d only join with “him” might even mean we’d be able
to have 80 percent of our electricity from some wonderful clean
energy sources by “2035″. There was of course, no word on the
dwindling energy resources available for 2011.

The Vuvuzela droned on.

Don’t worry by 2015 if we just cared enough and spent
enough with more research and incentives (paid by whom?)
we’d be able to break our dependence on oil, which would
mean we’d be the “first country to have one million electric
vehicles on the road”. WOW! Finally! Energy Independence !

Yes, “He” also had recommendations for the “hard-hit
construction industry”. They were needed to repair
America’s infrastructure. Of course to do this we’d need to
“redouble our efforts”. Gee, wouldn’t redoubling our efforts
on infrastructure imply a second massive stimulus package ?
Well, nothing succeeds like success. Right ?

And by golly, any state that came up with an idea to
“improve teacher quality and student achievement” well
Obama was gonna “show them the money”. Ah, “He”
doesn’t have any money. Oh, that’s right, didn’t that
lady in Detroit say HE HAD A STASH. My bad !

Sometimes The Great Vuvuzela wants so badly to sound
pro-American that he sometimes slips and actually ends up
sounding like “The Great Communicator”, Ronald Reagan,
who ironically enough, was Mikhail Gorbachev’s chief rival.

Occasionally, it almost sounds believable. Like when Obama
claims that “to reduce barriers to growth and investment,
I’ve ordered a review of government regulations. When we
find rules that put an unnecessary burden on business we
will fix them”.

But more often than not, it’s now obvious that
“The Great Vuvuzela” is nothing more than a “Great Practical
Joke” on America. Like when “he” channels Reagan claiming,
“we need to take responsibility for our debt, and reform our
government. That’s how our people will prosper.” Then
there’s this beauty, “the final crucial step in winning the
future is to make sure we aren’t buried under a mountain
of debt”. Yes sir, that “Great Vuvuzela” he’s a real fiscal hawk.

Yes, he said all the above, and so many other vuvuzela
worthy remarks during the 2011 State of the Union Address.
Isn’t it obvious? “The Great Vuvuzela” thinks you’re
awfully stupid !! In fact, he’s counting on it !!

There’s absolutely no evidence in “The Great Vuvuzela’s”
private or political history, or his Presidential behavior to
suggest he’s concerned about personal freedom, economic
growth, individual prosperity, or preserving YOUR STASH ?

Check his record. In the U.S. Senate he was the only
Senator to vote further to left than the late Ted Kennedy.
Before 2008 that would have seemed impossible. In case
you don’t know, the only politicos to the left of Kennedy
are full fledged Marxists, Fascists, and Communists.

You “could” always check “The Great Vuvuzela’s” recorded
votes while in the Illinois State Senate. But I wouldn’t
bother. Those records are strangely unavailable.

How many examples do you need ? Are you really
a “thinking adult” or has the dull drone of “The Great
Vuvuzela” distracted you from rational adulthood ?
Or has the sound become so annoying you’ve decided
to tune out ?
Again !!!

Remember, he’s just getting started. He’ll be
running for President in 2012. That’s right, 24/7
favorable coverage of “The Great Vuvuzela”
throughout the main-stream-media”.
This time …Listen. This time …Think.

I pray that by the 2012 election there will be enough
“thinking adults” to follow the wisdom of that most
American of organizations, the New York
Yankees. They’ve banned the vuvuzela from all
home games !!!

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Friday, December 24th, 2010

The tree is festively adorned with unique, memory-stirring
ornaments. The “Nativity Scene”, in all its politically incorrect
grandeur, sits proudly atop the mantel. Gifts are openly
hidden in the same closet they always are. Wafts of oatmeal
butterscotch cookies seductively entice from the kitchen.

Yes it’s Christmas time once again, and this year the lame
ducks of the 111th Congress have a present for you. Don’t
be surprised; it’s the same gift they’ve been giving for two
years. It’s a fully extended middle finger contemptuously
wrapped with thousands of pages of liberty-killing legalese,
all of course charged to YOU.

Having ensured that the great-grandchildren of the next
batch of New-Year’s babies will only know bed-time stories
of America’s economic greatness, and paying dearly at the
polls for it, the Democrat-Communists (Demonists) couldn’t
wait to try to reclaim for Progressive-Statism every area of
American-life they’d missed during the previous two years.

And so, in the true spirit of Yuletide sharing, the Demonists
let about a dozen Republican-Wimps (Republi-wimps) help them
attempt to compromise food security, military culture and nuclear

Of course, like most legislation that’s been passed within the
past twenty years, this lame duck push for new law is
redundant, wasteful, even dangerous. The Demo-nists know
this, so they really aren’t comfortable when the average person
also knows.

That would explain why they’ve boldly encouraged some of their
FCC commissioners to enact Net Neutrality, under the guise of
ethical business practices. It’s the first step in what they hope
will give them the power to control the internet like it’s done in
their favorite country, China.

Yes, while we were getting ready for Christmas, the Demonists
and Republiwimps were continuing construction on the legislative
gallows from which they plan one day to hang us. And I was
damn mad about it.

But then last night, driving home through the neighborhood,
the various displays of Christmas lights illuminated for me the
fact that despite the best efforts of the 111th Congress,
America was still here. There was still Christmas. Take that

Then I remembered, they hadn’t gotten Cap & Trade. Had the
Demonists and Republiwimps been able to effect Cap & Trade,
the cost of many of these Christmas light displays might prove
prohibitive. Or, worse yet, the current for these displays on
private property would be controlled at a centralized grid,
manned no doubt by some Obama-loving bureaucrat.

Knowing it wasn’t likely that bureaucrat would free up some
power for a few politically incorrect light displays, I suddenly
wasn’t seeing Christmas lights, I saw a victory. A small victory
to be sure, but a victory nonetheless.

I think it’s Jefferson who mostly gets the credit for this quote:
“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” If the people of
America haven’t learned that after the last two years, perhaps
one day those Christmas lights will be gone. Perhaps even
Christmas itself will be considered “hate speech”.

MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!! The fight continues !!!

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Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

****This post first appeared on****

I haven’t been quite sure how to respond to the
suddenly overwhelming crisis of the Wikileaks release of
classified U.S. documents and e-mails. As a 10-year,
Top-Secret cleared, veteran of military communications, my
first reaction was naturally anger. But after a cup
of coffee and a few deep breaths, my reaction is more
along the lines of; “so what”.

These leaks, apparently the handiwork of peripatetic,
alleged rapist, Julian Assange and hopelessly “frustrated”
PFC, Bradley Manning, are not surprising in an era where
anyone with a laptop, and access to classified information
can do some serious damage.

Rest assured if that same person can somehow manage to
embarrass America in the process, the mainstream media
will lead with it every half-hour.

Let’s be honest, America hasn’t really been serious about
national security since 1953, when Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
were executed for treason.

Today, the Rosenbergs, who provided the Soviet Union
with vital info concerning nuclear weapons, would be
celebrated by the Hollywood Left, and perhaps
seriously considered to replace Juan Williams at NPR.

If the American people really understood, or even cared about
national security they would never have elected Bill Clinton
or Barack Obama, both of whom would never have been
granted the most basic security clearance for military service.
If you’re unaware of that fact, the reason you didn’t know
is because when it comes to national security, the mainstream
media has been saying “so what” since Ronald Reagan told the
truth about communism.

True Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has come out
“strongly condemning” Wikileaks. Sure, Attorney
General Eric Holder is promising “an active ongoing
investigation” where all perpetrators will of course be
“held accountable”. But with this being the third
voluminous public download of sensitive U.S. secrets
without even a “hey stop that” from the White House,
it’s unlikely the President or his staff will obsess about
this past Friday, or at least until they can find a way to
blame George W. Bush.

Wasn’t it Eric Holder, who promised to “hold
accountable” all terrorists who’ve attacked America by
granting them Miranda Rights and civilian trials by a
jury of their liberal peers. “So what” if that forces
prosecutors to choose between divulging classified
military/law enforcement information and freely
pursuing a conviction.

Despite the recent conviction in the trial of the
Tanzania bomber, the courtroom proceedings had
their intended effect, embarrass the United States.
Also, the “alleged bomber”, Ahmed Khalafan Ghailani,
came dangerously close to walking. If you don’t believe
his acquittal would have had them high-fiving in the
West Wing, then I can get you a great deal on this
gorgeous “fixer upper” down the street from Ground

This benign, “so what” approach to the handling of
terrorists is not an isolated incident for Mr. Holder.
During the waning days of the Clinton Presidency, Holder,
in his first stint as Attorney General, helped procure a
Presidential Pardon for sixteen FMLA terrorists, convicted
for a 1975 bombing in New York’s financial district, which killed
four. One wonders, when Holder will initiate “an active,
on-going investigation” into himself.

Indeed Holder, also seems to have said “so what” when First
Lady Hillary Clinton enthusiastically lobbied for husband Bill’s
ill-advised sale of American missile technology to China. This
deal, between Loral Space & Communications and the Chinese
government, in effect enabled China to complete a much-needed
delivery system for their nuclear warheads.

In a strange twist of coincidence, Loral Chairman, Bernard
Schwartz, just happened to be a major financier of the
Democratic Party. So when Hillary launches into her concerned,
Secretary of State Act, she may say she “strongly condemns”
Wikileaks for such an awful security breach, but, is it a stretch to
believe she’s thinking, Wikileaks? “So what”.

Perhaps we owe the Rosenbergs a posthumous apology ?
But wait, in Barack Obama’s America, such a horrific injustice
must be redressed. With the the U.S. Treasury’s printing press
already working 24/7, why not set aside an extra 25 million
for reparations to every living Rosenberg descendant?

Or better yet, how about using that spare 25 million for a
Rosenberg Justice Fund, which provides reparations for those
who’ve previously sold out America. These “entitlements” could
be used to appeal the sentences of men like ex-FBI traitor
Robert Hansen, ex-CIA weasel Aldrich Ames, and ex-Navy
Radioman turncoat, John Walker.

Surely Hansen, Ames, and Walker should have been executed.
But in this era of “so what” security, aren’t even their life
sentences a bit unjust and severe. What are their crimes ?
All they’ve done is give aid and comfort to the enemy. “So what if
they happened to enrich themselves in the process. Shouldn’t
these men be afforded the same rights and privileges enjoyed
by Holder and the Clinton’s

Should these men be punished because they simply didn’t
have the foresight to perform their treasonous deeds for
the Democratic party?

Would we even be surprised if one day, Eric Holder held a
press conference to say, “so what” ?

The Defining Moment In Human History ??

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

This will be a defining moment in European,
if not Human History. It’s come down to
one man, brave enough to tell the truth to
the arrogant, self-worshiping, over-educated,
elitist “Oafs of Power” who’ve methodically been
emasculating Europe since WWII.

What you see on their pious faces is a
bewildered anger that someone would dare
defy their wise determinations for the course
of each human life on their continent.

As this classic “real life drama” of good vs evil
unfolds in Europe and indeed throughout the
world, you will be forced to choose a side.

Choose wisely. This might be a good-time to
reach for that dusty Bible.

God Bless Nigel Farage.

Where is America’s Nigel Farage ??

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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

It will soon be Thanksgiving, and you know what that
means, relatives. Yes, barring death, illness, or a uniquely
enviable, excuse, they’ll all be back; aunts, uncles,
siblings, cousins, patriarchs, matriarchs, toddlers, teenagers,
there might even be an animal or two, but I’ve already
mentioned teenagers.

They’ll all be there, and extremely curious as to what you’ve
been up to and why? The problem is, if things haven’t been
going too well, you, may not be all that eager to see very
much of the family.

But don’t feel guilty, insecure, or less a man than your
“extremely successful” brother, because it’s always useless,
and unproductive to compare yourself to anyone. Regardless
of how successful your Thanksgiving dining partners may be,
remember that they, like you, are actually part of the problem.

Yes, you, me, and perhaps particularly your “extremely
successful” brother are part of the problem because we’re
all part of the human race. To be human is to be guilty.
I know it’s hard to believe, but even Grandma, whose
Thanksgiving coconut tarts, can bring a 25-year-old
gym-rat to his knees, is not the patient kitchen angel
she appears to be. She’s a guilty and flawed human being.

The human race always somehow manages to ruin all its’
blessings. All of history is merely the story of human beings
abusing or misusing food, drink, sex, power, money, success,
religion, family, friendship, medicines (drugs), all the things you
see on any nightly newscast.

If you look at that list again, and your honest, you’d almost
have to conclude that when GOD came up with the those
simple, specific, Ten Commandments, HE just might have
been on to something.

That being said, if your mind is really set on not trusting God
with your life, are you really comfortable trusting in human
beings. But, if you ever found yourself needing to trust a human
being wouldn’t you prefer one that was actually concerned with
what GOD thought.

At it’s founding, America was a country that was awfully serious
about God. Many believe that’s the reason THE U.S. grew into
the greatest nation of human beings in the history of the
planet. Which is why the saddest human failure in history
is seeing how we humans have destroyed these once blessed
United States.

When we were kids, not a few adults informed us that we should
be grateful to live in America. We believed them, and though
we’ve usually tried to be guided by morals and ethics, and maybe
even occasionally been active in the church we haven’t been all that
serious about GOD. We somehow thought that if we just focused
on being perfect human beings that used GOD as an “as needed”
consultant, things could work out. Let’s be honest, it hasn’t
worked out real well for us or America.

On Thanksgiving, and hopefully every day thereafter, we must
resolve to heed the old 1970′s rock ballad which advises to “put
your hand in the hand of the Man from Galilee”. Of course that’s
all nice and trite and corny, but the Man from Galilee never had to
share turkey and stuffing next to your obnoxious, know-it-all
cousin. Just how can a mere mortal be gracious or tolerant
with, not to mention thankful, for such a cousin?

I didn’t have an answer for that until I recently encountered a
“truck-driver” who happened to be wearing a T-Shirt which simply
stated: “” IT’S ALL WORSHIP”. I thanked him and said, “I need to
remember that”. Being human he understood exactly what I meant.
He smiled, waved, and climbed into his truck.

So this Thanksgiving, and hopefully every day thereafter, try to
remember that everything you do can serve as an act of worship.
And yes, that includes grabbing several extra Thanksgiving coconut
tarts. After all, you’re only human.

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Friday, November 5th, 2010

If you have a friend, acquaintance, or family member who’s
a liberal-Democrat, you’ve no doubt occasionally been stunned
to silence by their vacuous sense of logic.

You’ve probably even held your tongue believing that sometimes
it’s better to proceed through life without engaging these
“self-appointed arbiters of all things good and right” because
it’s always so much better for your, and their, blood pressure.

Of course, they will always perceive your silence for complete
agreement, and later you may find yourself thinking, “I could
have said “this” to them, why didn’t I say “that” to them.
But second guessing your reaction to liberal insanity is neither
proper nor productive.

Therefore, as a public service, and the preservation of the
self-esteem of conservative people everywhere, I recommend
three simple, proven tactics, should you once again find yourself
unexpectedly confronted with liberal lunacy.

1) The Passive-Aggressive- Evasion (P-A-E) Maneuver

Like their leader in the White House, liberals are notoriously,
thin-skinned, so it’s usually best to let sleeping liberals lie.
But, if they feel the need to progressively inform YOU that
Bush & Cheney are singularly responsible for every evil
since Reagan, then the P-A-E Maneuver is your best plan
of action.

a) As much as is possible say nothing. Smile and nod if
you can actually do so. If smiling and nodding is NOT
possible ignore them, tune them out, think happy
thoughts. Think of Reagan, cheesecake, or anything else
that induces inward calm.

If you can make it this far the rest is easy.

b) Just as you are about to say goodbye to your liberal
companion drop a little factoid or witty observation
on them, then wish them a hasty and sudden adieu !!!

For instance, you might want to say: “Ya know, there’s a provision
in Obama’s Health-Care-Bill that calls for the funding of 16,500
additional IRS agents. What’s that got to do with health-care?
Great to see ya, bye”.

Or, with winter on the way, you might want to try something like:
I heard Obama’s Cap & Trade Bill wants to do away with all coal,
heating oil, and the burning of all wood and wood pellets.
Say, don’t you have a pellet stove? My, look at the time. Thanks” !.

If you’re not particularly eager to see this liberal again, you can
always employ a more partisan approach. This would be my
favorite: “Ya know ever since the 2010 mid-term elections, I can’t
help but feel like Michelle Obama. For the first time since 2008 I’m
proud of my country”.

The best part of the P-A-E Maneuver is that you can always
take the predictably angry E-mails which ensue, and send it to
your conservative friends for a good laugh.

The second effective tactic for dealing with liberals who are
willing to share their ignorance is (P-A-I-N-S)
Passive-Aggressive Inquisition-Networking-Strategy, is particularly
effective in social settings.

At a party, when you overhear a liberal stage whispering their
unsought opinion. Take immediate action:

a) Isolate the liberal
b) Disarm the liberal with small talk and compliments
c) Feign interest in their political beliefs
d) Let the questions begin

Remember, since you’re a conservative. you are obviously more
knowledgeable than the average liberal, so use it to your advantage.
Most liberals have no idea what they actually believe in, why they
believe it, or just how little they know. Hence, the best way to get
them to realize the error of their ways is to get them to realize it

This is accomplished by systematically, yet relentlessly, questioning
them about their beliefs. This should always be done in as gentle a
manner as possible as to not let them know you’re secretly enjoying
their inability to defend their heartfelt liberalism.

An effective example would be: I’m having trouble understanding
that whole “climate change thing”, but, I hear over 31,000
American scientists reject the existence of global warming. How
is that possible?

If you really want to watch them have a meltdown I’d try: Why do you
think more Women, Blacks, and Hispanics are switching to the
Republican party? Weren’t two Black and one Hispanic Republicans
just elected to Congress? Isn’t New Mexico’s new Governor a
Republican Latina?

It’s imperative that you not impugn, correct, or argue with
the struggling liberal. As soon as they’ve given you anything even
resembling a normal answer, calmly ask a follow up question or
switch topics and ask another question. This can confuse
them, especially if they’ve had a drink or two.

Because watching confused liberals can be quite fun, the most
difficult aspect of the P-A-I-N-S Approach is attempting to conceal
your smile.

But, if you graciously come to their rescue and diplomatically
explain your conservative belief, you’ll be amazed how willing they are
to see things your way. This could also plant the seeds of what could
be a mutual respect and friendship.

However, there are some recalcitrant liberals who are just plain angry,
abrasive, and totally unwilling to even discuss any issue, with anyone
with whom they do not agree. You know like Obama.

These liberals hate you, your job, your money your house, your kids,
the church, the military, the United States, and yes, even
McDonald’s. You know, like Obama.

For these liberals, there is only one radical response. It must be
delivered quickly, decisively, and without remorse. This tactic should
only be utilized once all other arguments and tactics have been
exhausted. At this point there can be no compromise……

Count your blessings and enjoy them. Because that’s what
annoys Obama most of all !!!