Miguel Lavato — All American

March 28th, 2012

Miguel Lavato will never forget his first day of college. Eager
to finally begin working toward a goal he’d been nurturing
since the age of seven, he bounded down the concrete steps
of his family’s center-city row house; a house not unlike those
that had served as launching pads for so many young urban
dreamers before him.

Throwing his backpack into the backseat of his beaten but
babied 1993 Ford Taurus, he took one last look in the
rear-view mirror ensuring the tilt of his New York Yankees
cap would not bring dishonor to to his beloved Joe Torre,
the Yankees manager.

Honor restored, Miguel Lavato,fighting butterflies of
excitement, pulled away from the curb that glorious
summer morning not knowing he would face the biggest
test of the semester before he ever made it to campus.

Three block from his home, Lavato was pulled over by no
fewer than seven police officers and a K-9 unit. Probably
not what he was expecting since the only thing he could
possibly be guilty of was obsession with professional

After answering some basic questions and complying with
the standard request for license, registration, and
proof of insurance, Lavato was told to “get out of the car”.
That’s when the insults started.

“You can’t be going to college, people from your street
don’t know how to read”. “Sure you’re not going to a
gang-bang”?. There were other slurs too. Despite his full
cooperation, Lavato was stunned by the casual contempt they
couldn’t seem to hide as they tore apart his car and trunk
hoping the dog would alert on something; anything.

When it became embarrassingly obvious there was nothing
to find. The officers and dog silently retreated to their
cars. The officer who’d been playing “good cop” gave a weak
apology and blurted a halfhearted “good luck in school”.

Lavato was left standing on the sidewalk looking in at
the disheveled interior of his car. Alone, angry, heart
racing, he had a big decision to make. What would
he do about what had just happened.

Suddenly his future seemed in doubt. Three blocks
earlier anything seemed possible. Before he’d left home
that day he’d planned to major in “Criminal Justice”
Miguel Lavato was certain that day would be “his” first
step towards “his” dream of becoming a cop.

Unsure what to believe about anything, he drove to

If Miguel Lavato were a average young guy, the rest of this
story would read … “young Puerto Rican man, disrespected
by Racist White Police Officers, majors in Criminal
Justice. Goes on to law school. Joins ACLU. Tirelessly goes
to work to reelect Barack Obama in hopes of being appointed
to Geoffrey Holder’s Equally Racist, Justice Department”.
But Miguel Lavato is NOT an average young guy.

Even as a child, Lavato was able to see beyond his lower
class, urban reality. Although he loathed his homework,
he would often independently study “American History”.
Particularly fond of presidential biographies, he was
fascinated by the unique leadership styles of
each Chief Executive, imagining he himself could one
day hold a leadership position.

Obsessed with the uncomfortably realistic cop-show
“The Wire”, Miguel reasoned that from where he was
sitting, the best way to become a “leader” would be
to become a policeman. This way he could have a positive
impact on the kids who’d come after him. Incredibly, his
desire to inject some positivity into his neighborhood had
grown so strong, that the shameful incident on his first
day of college, only served to refuel his desire for a law
enforcement career.

So there he was four years later, shaking hands with
the dean, accepting his BS in Criminal Justice. Still
intent on becoming a cop.

After graduation, Lavato immediately began taking the
police exams for every small, medium and large police
force throughout five different states. The year was 2008,
and when he wasn’t working, or checking into the next
available “police test”, Miguel was closely following
the presidential election campaigns.

Growing up in an extended family of Default-Democrats,
Lavato “thought it through” and determined that the
best candidate “for America” was Hilary Clinton. As it
turned out, he would cast a “less than euphoric” ballot,
for Barack Obama.

With Obama in office, Lavato continued working full-time
and began wondering if a stint as an Army Officer,
would enhance his chances of becoming a cop. But
personally dealing with three dozen different police
departments turned out to be a crash course in
“Bureaucracy 101″. He marveled at the “detached
mediocrity” with which many of the “public servants”
handled his paperwork, correspondence, and inquiries. He
also found the political correctness laughable.

About this time, a certain president, was spending money
as if he’d had his own printing press. Having never known
the joys of unchecked, recalcitrant spending, Lavato
instinctively balked at Obama’s casual side-arming of the
public largess.

The epiphany was gradual to be sure. But Miguel Lavato,
the inner city kid, from a broken home, who’d been
harassed by “white police officers” and a dog, now
considers himself a “CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN”. How
could this happen ?? Even now, shouldn’t he be running
to Attorney General Holder, with a perfectly viable
claim to victim-hood.

The difference of course is that early-on, Miguel had
“educated himself” as to what it means to be an American.
Uniquely able to see beyond his own circumstances,
Miguel’s gut always told him the problem WAS NOT the
“Constitution” or the system. Problems came when
people acted unconstitutionally within the system, or
behaved as though they were above the law.

Through the years Lavato saw many abuse their
freedom, abuse the system, and abuse each other. He’d
also watched helplessly as seven policemen “abused
their power”. His experience has taught him that a
commitment to personal integrity is the only sure-fire
way to curb abuse of any kind.

He’s figured out, the moral responsibility of
individuals is the only thing that can maintain
the delicate balance of freedom and power under
the constitution. That insight, and his own commitment
to personal integrity alone should probably qualify
him for almost any entry level leadership position.

I wish I could tell you Miguel Lavato is now a cop.
But sadly, no luck yet. He has pretty much given up
on being an Army Officer, because he’s not very
impressed by Obama’s leadership style as Commander
in Chief.

So for now he works full-time at a job he’d rather
not, checks on the results of his “police tests”,
but always keeps an eye on what’s happening in the
political world. Although he’s now a registered
Republican, he’s become increasingly annoyed by how
often they sound an awful lot like the Democrats.

Only 27, Lavato is beginning to think that a run
for local political office could be in his future.
He’s noticed there is definitely one pro-constitution,
politician who’s leadership style he definitely admires;
conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

So in about a dozen years or so, American Conservatives,
just might just have a young, Hispanic Ronald Reagan to
rally behind.

Of course in a 2024 there might be another option …..

Cruz – Lavato …What could be more All-American than that ??

/** The above story is TRUE … I know this young man.
However, the name Miguel Lavato is fictitious … for now

Ten “Facts” I Learned From “Occupy Wall Street”

January 22nd, 2012

It makes perfect sense. Call yourself a Tea-Party, voice valid
concerns of federal bankruptcy and the American media labels
your group “racist-extremist-anarchists”.

Disrupt commerce, denounce capitalism, and demand your
unearned fair-share of the Gross-National-Product, and Time
Magazine lauds you as Person-Of-The-Year.

Ever since the “Old Media” began promoting “Occupy Wall-Street”
as a burgeoning political force, everyone from Nancy Pelosi, to
Al Gore, to former Pennsylvania Governor, Ed Rendell, have been
telling the world the misguided marionettes of OWS have some
important points that we unenlightened, would do well to heed.

You know what ……. They’re right !!! Once I decided to listen.
I mean REALLY LISTEN. I had to admit, “Occupy Wall Street”
could definitely teach me a thing or two, or ten. Here’s the
Ten Most Important “Facts” I learned from the OWS movement.

1) I’ve learned that the Occupy-folks aren’t actually part of
the 99%. They’re actually part of the envied 1% who have
enough leisure time to embark on an 3-5 month vacation,
and the chutzpah to have someone else pay for it.

2) The “occupiers” have taught me that America is on the
wrong track because it only works when populated by
responsible, moral, grown-ups.

3) The “occupiers” have convinced me that having “any job”
is probably a bad idea. When jobs are available, someone,
somewhere, could possibly be making a profit.

4) “Occupy Wall Street” has shown me that whenever any
law enforcement officer does the “right thing” ………

5) OWS has proven that the quickest way to get on TV is to
speak out against capitalism, common sense, or almost
anything considered “traditionally American”.

6) The “unhappy campers” of he “Occupy” movement have
demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that it’s
possible to achieve chronological adulthood and
yet retain the world-view of an eighth-grader.

7) Before Occupy-Wall-Street, I truly had no idea that
corporate profits will always be far too high, but federal
spending can never be high enough !!

8) The OWS crowd has helped me to know that the proper
spelling of the word “ECONOMY” is actually E-C-O-N-O-(ME).

9) After “listening” to OWS I’ve come to understand that
federal entitlements are the “new” fast-track to the

10) Finally, because of OWS I now know that the President of
the United States is constitutionally bound to provide,
guaranteed, highly paid, free benefits jobs to all Americans
whom might choose to work.

For some reason the “Old Media” has great difficulty calling the
OWS mobs exactly what they are …. RADICALS !!! NE’RE-DO-WELLS,
DUPED !!! HISTORICALLY IGNORANT !! And sadly, in some cases,

Of course since they’re so determined to disrupt commerce, denounce
capitalism, and demand their unearned fair-share of the Gross
National Product, there’s really only one thing we can call them,
“Obama Voters”.

Of Course She’s Serious !!!

September 29th, 2011

So why are so many Tea-Party-friendly people attacking
North Carolina Governor, Beverly Purdue ??

All she said was “I think we ought to suspend, perhaps,
elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we
won’t hold it against them — whatever decisions they make —
to just let them help this country recover. I really hope
someone can agree with me on that.”

Apparently George W. Bush has ruined the economy so
badly that a Congress that can’t agree on anything should
remain in place to rescue us from our fiscal funk.

Besides, President Obama was never one for anything
traditionally American. How important can one election
really be anyway ?? Surely by now we must all realize that
our dear president is “to big to fail”.

More “fundamental transformation” ? Just what we need
right ??

Unlike Sarah Palin, Beverly Purdue has alas proven she’s
not just another photogenic Chief Executive. No, she is
indeed yet another Democratic visionary !!

Governor Purdue is concerned that elections have a way of
making our representatives accept responsibility for their
behavior. So when she says, “You want people who don’t
worry about the next election”, what she means is,
Democrats are worried about the 2012 elections, but you
poor, stupid, voters really don’t realize how much you
actually need us.

Ironically, the Governor has immediately been forced to
accept responsibility for her Freudian slip, which her
staff has defended as necessary “hyperbole” in order
to emphasize the true seriousness of our economic plight.
Woah, thanks for the news-flash !!

The Governor insists it was all just “sarcasm”, and she
just might be right !!

When her Democratic party insisted that one trillion dollars
of government stimulus would result in millions of jobs,
I was certain they were being sarcastic ??

When her Democratic party claims that those who want
a sensible, properly, enforced immigration policy are
hateful racists, sarcasm right ??

Was Nancy Pelosi being sarcastic when she said we
had to pass the Obama-Care bill so that we could actually
know what was in it ??

What is it with Democrats and all this sarcasm ??

The Governor’s staff has not yet confirmed reports
that she consulted Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro on
how to properly suspend an election !!!

Not Feeling So Green ??

September 23rd, 2011

You’ve no doubt recently come across President Obama making
a speech somewhere about how much he wants to get America
back on the right track economically. You’ve of course heard the
speeches about green investment, and “winning the future” with
“green jobs” !!

So what seems to be the problem? Is it the greedy rich ? No.
Is it hateful, anti-middle class Congressional Republicans ? No.
Is it those racist, anti-government Tea-Party swine ? No.

The problem is solely Barack Obama and his policies. When it
comes to the economy, your President has some very strange
ideas !!!

No your not crazy !! Yes you heard him right !! If you’ve never
watched this clip before, that was Barack Obama, before he was
elected, sharing a small glimpse of his economic philosophy !!

If Barack Obama isn’t on the side of energy investors or energy
consumers just whose side is he on ??

The Obama “energy policy” can be summed up thusly …..

The United States will immediately begin to develop and come to
completely rely on “green energy” no matter what it costs us in
current and future economic development. Yes, companies
will fold, consumers will be gouged but we’re going to – go green
or else !!

But don’t worry !! Soon we’ll all have “green jobs” to go to !!

Do you know anyone with a green job ??

Do you know more unemployed people than you did one year ago ?

Six month ago ?? Are their green jobs on the way ??

At this point a “green job” is beginning to mean a job with a
company that still has green left to pay it’s employees !!

Okay, if you’re one of those folks that claim the major threat to
humanity is “global climate change” just a few quick questions ??

Wouldn’t gradual market-driven development and incorporation
of green-energy technology be more sensible. Why this
immediate insistence that the government force us to go green
and fund every kind of alternate energy development with
taxpayer money ??

If climate-change is so pernicious that “immediate action” is
required isn’t it probably already too late ??

Does it make sense to completely stop drilling for oil before
“green energy” is completely developed ??

If the U.S. isn’t allowed to drill for oil, why are we funding Brazil’s
efforts to drill for oil ? And for God sake why do we want to
be one of their best oil customers ?? Is Barrack Obama
somehow against America’s energy industry or American
users of gasoline ??

Why are GM and others producing electric cars when there really
aren’t that many places to recharge them ?? If you charge your
electric car with electricity produced from coal, are you then
anti-environment ??

Why does so much of the world’s corn crop, food that could
feed the world, continue to be produced for use in gasoline,
which actually damages engines and make them less fuel-
efficient ??

Why will you still be able to pollute as long as you
purchase enough carbon-credits ?? Why does Al Gore
get the money when you purchase those credits ??
(Video 1 Below)

Since Al Gore will do very well financially when we’re all forced
to purchase carbon-credits, why is he so angry ??
(See Video 2 Below)

Why are so many scientists being disregarded and
disparaged for their disbelief in global warming ??
(See Video 3 Below)

Could it really be true that more EPA-enforced environmental
regulations are needed to keep American business and
consumers from destroying the environment ??

By the way, why are current EPA Regs being used to harass
the two, still thriving manufacturing facilities of Gibson Guitar ??
Could it be because that company is non-union, and Republican
owned ??

What law has Gibson Guitar broken to warrant two federal
raids in two years ??

If Gibson Guitar is financially crippled defending lawsuits, forced
to close, or relocate overseas, how many American jobs will be lost ??

So just whose side is Barrack Obama on ?? Just who do his
wonderfully “transformational” policies favor ??

If his policies work against American investors, American
workers, American electric bills, and American drivers, just what
part of America do they really support ??

Video -1

Video – 2

Video – 3

The Mayor, The President & The Mosque

September 8th, 2011

On September 12th, 2001, around 3AM, Wendy Pelligrino
could stand it no longer. She found herself wandering
through her Staten Island, New York neighborhood,
tying red, white, and blue ribbons on the trees.

She then took two candles and her hand-made
“God Bless Our Heroes” sign, to an untended,
soil laden traffic island. On her next trip she planted
sixteen small American flags. After a neighbor left a
photo of a missing fireman he’d known as a boy, there
was no turning back. More photos followed. Wendy
Pelligrino’s make-shift memorial still stands today.

With the help of neighborhood volunteers, the great
generosity of local small business and considerable
monetary commitment from Pelligrino herself, the once
barren traffic island is now known worldwide as
“Angel’s Circle”, a unique “neighborhood” memorial to the
victims of the World Trade Center attacks.

Though it’s attracted visitors from as far away as Japan
and Australia, Angel’s Circle primarily honors Staten
Islanders, many whom were never recovered. “It’ keeps
us going”, retiree Simone Esposito has told more
than one reporter. He’d know. He lost his son Michael,
and nephew Frank, both firefighters on that fateful day.

Through tears of anger and sadness, many vowed to
“never forget” 9/11. Wendy Pelligrino, those who’ve
helped her, and still help her maintain Angel’s Circle,
have chosen instead to ensure that the people of
Staten Island “always remember” those who were
victimized that day.

Among those who’ll be remembering on this 12th
anniversary at the former site of the World Trade
Center, will be President Obama, and New York Mayor
Michael Bloomberg, two of the strongest supporters
of the proposed Mosque/Islamic Cultural Center that’s
been so controversial because of it’s close proximity
(2 blocks) to the 9/11 murders.

Both men have argued that those wishing to build
this Mosque/Center have a perfect right to do so. But
that’s not the point. For once, we Americans who still
possess “common sense”, are asking for what ardent
“Progressives” like Obama and Bloomberg are always
demanding from the rest of us; “cultural sensitivity”.

Bloomberg’s commitment to “cultural sensitivity” seems
to have ended when he banned any religious observance
or prayers during the WTC 10th Anniversary event he
attended in 2011. The mayor believed praying to any
any deity would detract from focusing on the families
of the victims.

This policy stands in stark contrast to the inclusive
ecumenical service held in Yankee Stadium with the blessing
of Mayor Giuliani while the Twin Towers were still smoldering.
A service which incidentally included representatives of Islam.

Bloomberg also excluded WTC first responders from
the official ceremony, citing security reasons. But these
selfless rescuers who know, more than anyone, the horrors
of 9/11, were relegated to an unofficial observance, where
all, were of course, welcomed.

Call me naive, but wouldn’t it have been more thoughtful for
the official observance to include “only” the families and first
responders ? Why not let “them” decide which members of
the clergy they’d like to be there. Let the politicians get
their “photo ops” with the locals who want to mark that
day, at a more public venue !!

Although Citi Field hosted the Mets & Cubs on
the 10th anniversary of the attacks, the Yankees were in
California. So Yankee Stadium would have been available for
a more public ceremony for those not directly effected on 9/11.

Had the Mayor not been so preoccupied being the chief
lobbyist for Park 51, the developers of the proposed
Ground Zero Mosque and Islamic Center, maybe he
would’ve had time to consider the security concerns
of that option !!

In addition to sending a letter of recommendation to the
community board on behalf of Park 51, the Mayor has
adamantly defended his pro-Mosque support whenever
necessary. Even after it was discovered that some Mosque
investors might have had ties to a group that isn’t exactly
a big fan of the “American Way”, the Mayor was
condescendingly dismissive. No security worries here ….

In the true spirit of “cultural diversity” Park 51, backed
by Mayor Bloomberg, was encouraged to apply for a
“$5 MILLION” dollar grant with the Lower Manhattan
Development Corporation, (LMDC) seeking aid for their
“Ground Zero Mosque” project. These U.S. TAXPAYER funds
were ironically earmarked to facilitate the rebuilding of lower
Manhattan after the 9-11 attacks. Strangely, the Park 51
application was not immediately denied because after all,
an Islamic Center no doubt supports and propagates
religious beliefs. In this instance, there seems to be no
concern for the separation of church and state.

Oddly, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which once stood
across from the World Trade Center, has not been afforded
the same “cultural sensitivity”. For ten years, Port Authority of
New York/New Jersey has “bureaucratically stonewalled” that
assembly’s efforts to rebuild on it’s original site, even though
it’s small, dedicated congregation had already raised $4 MILLION
dollars on their own for just that purpose. Turns out they needed
that money. They were forced to file a lawsuit against Port
Authority of New York/New Jersey to get the approval to rebuild
on the same site where they’ve held services since 1922.

To be fair, Mayor Bloomberg didn’t have any jurisdiction over
Port Authority. They report to the governor. But as a three term
mayor, and resident billionaire, Bloomberg hasn’t hesitated to
wield his influence in the past. So why fast track the building of
a mosque before restoring a New York City landmark ?

As the only “house of worship” destroyed on 9/11, wouldn’t
supporting this committed congregations efforts be excellent
PR for this once popular Mayor ? Perhaps a letter ?

Help St. Nicholas Church….


As for our usually unflappable, “cool as a cucumber” President
Obama, the controversy over the “Ground Zero Mosque” seemed
to have him a wee bit more annoyed than usual …..

Such sentiments from our President, weren’t exactly surprising.
Seems he had no trouble having U.S. taxpayers fund a “missions
trip” for Imam Faizel Abdul Rauf, the spokesman for the “Ground
Zero Mosque”. He’d no doubt invoke his commitment to
“cultural sensitivity”, were anyone to question this. He’s
obviously “quite okay” with tax-paying “schlubs” ensuring the
Imam traveled in style throughout the Middle East in order to
“increase understanding of American Islam”, and to help raise
the $100 million allegedly required to fund the Park 51 project.

According to the U.S. State Department’s, P.J. Crowley, U.S.
TAXPAYERS have funded at least three such “missions trips” for
this “distinguished cleric”. Currently, there’s no word on when
our President’s State Department will be bankrolling any
“missions trips” for St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.
Maybe if they weren’t so, “religious” ?

Greek Orthodox, Baptist, Mormon, Hindu, Sikh, Baha’i, it
wouldn’t matter !! In his book, “The Audacity of Hope”,
Barack Obama actually told us just where his allegiance lies …..

“I will stand with them (Muslims & Arab Immigrants) should the
political winds shift in an ugly direction” — page 261

Finally, on October 18, 2012, eleven years after the World Trade
Center complex was annihilated in the name of Islam, New York
Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Port Authority, granted St Nicholas Greek
Orthodox Church permission to rebuild. St. Nicholas hopes to have
their new facility completed by 2016, their 100th anniversary as a

As for the Park 51 “Cordoba Center” or as it’s more commonly known,
the “Ground Zero Mosque”, opinion polls both within New York City,
and across America, overwhelmingly opposing the construction of
the mosque have for now dissuaded Mayor Bloomberg from
enthusiastically pushing ahead with his favorite project.

But it’s doubtful he’s given up. Progressive politicians like
Bloomberg & Obama never do. Neither has Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf,
the man man behind the “Cordoba Initiative” the group behind the
push for the “Ground Zero Mosque.” When asked recently (July 8, 2013)
if he was hopeful his mosque would be built …

“We’re working on that. The agreement is still alive.
I’m hopeful that in my lifetime we’ll see something
like that emerge.”

In other words Rauf is content to wait. One hopes the inspiration
for such patience is grounded in an adherence to what many claim
is his “religion of peace” and not the same long-suffering
commitment that calmly and methodically plotted 9/11 eight years
after first bombing the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993.

Twelve years after 9/11 the problem still remains .. America is
still vulnerable to terrorism. If Michael Bloomberg or Barack
Obama have anything to say publicly on 9/11 this year will they
be speaking as Americans or politically correct “One World,
Big Government, Elitists”. It never matters what guys like Bloomberg
Obama, or even Governor Cuomo say. Forget what they say. Watch what
they do. They don’t give a damn. If you believe these guys care
about your country how could you ever claim to give a damn.

Those who truly wish to honor 9/11′s victims on this Twelfth
Anniversary, would be better served seeking solace anywhere
that’s politician-free. But might I recommend a moment of solemn
silence, any old time where Fingerboard Road meets
Hylan Boulevard, on Staten Island. Because there, they
“always remember”, and you know for a fact, they give
a damn. Not only about those they’ve lost, but about the country
they’re losing.




What Type of American ??

September 2nd, 2011

You’ve probably received some e-mails where the subject
line reads “must see video”. This isn’t one of those videos.
This one is in a class by itself. This video is “must see again
and again video”. Repetitive viewing is necessary so that
you’ll stop forgetting what the rest of the world hasn’t;
America is an exceptional nation.

Dennis Prager is not just a smart man, he is a wise man.
You can hear his radio show at dennisprager.com. His
controlled passion only serves to support the believability
of his concern for America’s future. A future even the most
apathetic among us are beginning to doubt.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, that’s Sarah Palin sitting
next to him. So you Palin haters, be you Republican, Democrat,
Independent, or an average media-brainwashed slug, for once
do exactly what Palin is doing and LISTEN !!!

If your hatred of Palin totally short-circuits your brain to the
point of apoplexy, please just listen to the audio. What
Prager is saying should not be missed. Just this once,
try not to make political assumptions based on your virulent,
media-manipulated emotions.

This clip encapsulates the root cause of most of
America’s current challenges. America has survived wars,
civil wars, and natural disasters, but it cannot survive for
much longer with an irresponsible, self-centered, entertainment-
driven electorate, and the pathetic politicians they blindly
encourage and support.

The Leftist Media Spin Machine may tell you, there is no such
thing as TRUTH, but if you played the above video, you just
heard a ton of it. Problem is, how would any nation chin-deep
in “reality shows”, and secular relativism even recognize the
truth if they ever saw it ?

The reality of the situation is that there are now only two
types of Americans. No, it’s not Republicans and Democrats.
It’s not even rich and poor. It has nothing to do with what
we are, but rather, who we are.

In America today the political battles and campaigns are
between the “mature” and the “immature”.

Sadly, the race at this point is too close to call !!!

In 2012 – The “Winds of Change” Will Leave Permanent Damage

August 26th, 2011

As I post this, Hurricane Irene is just about to begin it’s
destructive road trip up the Eastern Seaboard. Though I
won’t be effected by it’s Category II winds or the
destructive storm surge, it’s obvious I’ll be close enough
to experience some heavy rains and residual flooding.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that America has not the
benefit of an honest media, many have not the inclination
to seek out alternative news sources. Hence, many remain
unaware that Hurricane Michelle, the vacation-obsessed,
& perk-loving wife of our power-obsessed, & perk-loving,
Marxist-in-Chief, has been obliterating the US Treasury,
blowing away $10-million-plus on over-the-top trips
& luxuries. This of course in addition to Barry’s penchant
for generational theft.

If you care about this, you already know it’s true. If
you regard this as a racist-report you’re already under the
delusion that there are sunny days ahead.

True, there were more than a few of us political meteorologists
warning of this impending storm during the 2008 presidential
campaign, but of course so many more of us thought we
wouldn’t be personally effected by Hurricane Michelle or her
Marxist Elitist spouse who specializes in political snow-jobs.

In 2008 the American media told us there wouldn’t be a storm
at all if we’d only elect the smartest, most reasonable, and
fair-minded candidate in the history of American politics.
If only we’d check our racism, (and brains), at the polls, the
forecast for America’s future would surely change for the better.

Mainstream reporters and pundits assured us Barrack and Michelle
would track similar to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. How lucky we
were, to be able to both make and repeat history with our vote
for “Change”. And since we really didn’t know our history, we
did it.

Now many of us that voted expecting those sunny days, now fear
we will soon be, leveled by an “economic storm surge” that will
leave America “fundamentally transformed” forever.

Marxism is deceptive because the forecast is always rosy, but when
the storms come they of course always effect the most vulnerable
first. But the storms, always larger than expected, can change course
rapidly, and those who thought they could avoid it or ride it out
are soon directly in it’s path, causing unexpected direct and
residual damage.

At present, America finds itself in the midst of a “cyclone of Marxism”,
bringing with it winds of decline, and the accumulation of debt, with
scattered reign of privilege. This cyclone was easily predictable,
but ignorantly ignored because it was preceded by the most massive
snow-job in political history.

In 2012, will a majority of Americans, once again, misjudge the
political “winds of change” ?? Those who would actually do it
again, cannot imagine that this time there is no turning back.
The damage will be permanent.

Too late they’ll realize that just like real disasters, “Marxist
disasters” have looters, the difference of course being that they’re
elected, appointed, or married to it. “This Time” those who’ve
actually caused the storm will choose not to rebuild. But if they
do … Will they rebuild America ??

In 2012, Cast A Vote That’s Doubly Cool !!

August 16th, 2011

He would come seemingly from nowhere, an unknown
black man, daring to run for an office many said he
couldn’t win. Undaunted !! Confident !! He would boldly
declare for not just any office, he would seek the
Presidency of the United States.

We’d heard he wanted to take America in a new
direction. But some, perhaps more concerned with
race than reason would tell us his new ideas were
dangerous. His positive showing in early polls,
unnerved many of his detractors. They claimed
he lacked the necessary experience. for the

It would soon become obvious, this man possessed
the leadership qualities necessary to initiate another
“America Renaissance”.

But this man would not need the endorsement of
Oprah Winfrey. He would not claim the best nation
on earth needed “transformation”. He would not
be awash in campaign money from questionable
sources. This man would rely on his ability to
inspire a grassroots campaign without the
backing of the “Progressive Mainstream Media”.

This man would make no excuses. This man
would have no axe to grind, except with those who
felt the need to apologize for America …………

Herman Cain doesn’t want you to vote for him
because he’s black, Christian, or a Republican.
He wants your vote because it’s time to take the
politicians out of politics.

Remember the Bridge to Nowhere? Remember the
2008 Housing Meltdown? Were you watching the
Debt Ceiling Debacle ? What do they all have in
common? GOVERNMENT !!!! Each one of these
fiascoes was caused by the Federal Government
which WE voted for and those whom THEY appointed !!

For far too many decades we’ve gone on about
our daily business and assumed that the “Ivy League
Specialists” in Washington might be a little crooked,
or occasionally inept, but it didn’t affect us personally.
Somehow America always survived !! Washington always
worked it out !! America would ALWAYS be America

Still feel that way ??

Sadly, in the past, many of us were content to dismiss
political matters with a “cool” “who cares they’re all
crooks”. Oh every four years we’d show up and
make it clear who’d be the best president, but it was
more a competition than a conviction.

In 2008, some of us thought we’d be really “cool”
and vote for the “black guy”. Still feeling cool ??

Unfortunately more and more of us now realize that
not paying attention to Washington has been, and will
be, costing us dearly for perhaps the rest of our lives.
We’re now finally facing the fact that “America may not
always be America “.

Whatever your level of political knowledge or interest,
you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “We The People”.
And you’ve heard it because that phrase gets thrown
about as casually as the word “love”.

Just like “love”, “We The People” is meaningless unless
it is followed with action !!!

Are you ready to take the action that will help to
ensure that “We the People” is more than a trite,
worthless phrase, on a fading and increasingly
meaningless Constitution ?

The problems Washington has caused cannot be
fixed by Washington. It’s time to outsource !!
It’s time for a truly independent consultant !!!

If you consider yourself one of “The People” then
you need to act like one of “The People”.

If you care about “YOUR Nation” you know that
leaving it in the hands of “Ivy League Specialists”
is no longer an option.

Investigate Herman Cain. Unlike many sitting
politicians, you’ll be pleased to find he has nothing
to hide !!!

Herman Cain’s life is quite an inspiring story…..
It could become America’s story ….
Find out for yourself….but hurry !!!

Right now “google” Herman Cain …
You’ll find that a vote for Herman Cain actually
is a vote for “We The People”.

And don’t worry …He’s not a politician and he’s black….
So you’ll be doubly cool !!

Weinergate – Legacy of Spoiled Brats & Sociopaths

June 15th, 2011

So yet another politician is caught in an ethical lapse. “This time”,
it’s New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. Truth be told, I’m
having a hard time not reveling in Weiner’s current miseries.

Obviously, what makes it so delicious is that he’s always
possessed an unctuous arrogance that is gargantuan, even by
Washington’s standards. Personally, his contemptuous smirk
and adolescent, sniping, style of debate, has propelled me to
premature channel-surfing on more than one occasion.

In fact, I found him so repulsive I couldn’t help but believe his
hair-trigger obnoxious, pseudo-moral, behavior might be
overcompensation for some deep, secret, insecurities. Sadly,
now everyone knows that’s true.

Though it’s quite tempting, I wish not to pile on Representative
Weiner, but merely to remind myself, and anyone who cares,
that Anthony Weiner is not the problem, but merely a prime
example of what’s probably the root cause of every problem
in America, the voters

The accessible prosperity of post WWII America allowed many
Americans to take their eyes off the cost their freedom, and
focus on the cost of their next big purchase. The late
Adlai Stevenson, (1900-1965) Governor of Illinois, and
two-time Democratic presidential candidate, summed it up
this way, “We have confused the free with the free and easy”.

Simply put, Stevenson could see that we were slowly on our
way to becoming a nation of spoiled brats. If you don’t
believe Stevenson’s words were prophetic, and that we
are presently a nation overrun by spoiled brats, remember,
Stevenson was a Democrat. Could a Democrat ever utter his
warning today, and even hope to remain a Democrat ?

The thing about spoiled brats is that once they experience
prosperity, they will always expect prosperity, and then
eventually demand prosperity. Spoiled brats can also
get awfully angry if they perceive that perhaps someone
might be quite a bit more prosperous than they are, even
if those individuals worked extremely hard to achieve it.

When spoiled brats get angry their actions cease to be
merely amusingly irresponsible and become blindly irrational.
Their nostrils flare. Their pupils dilate. Their voices become
shrill. When this occurs, they’ve of course crossed over into
virulent, entitlement-centered, sociopaths.

Diagnosing a sociopath is somewhat difficult since the
majority of Americans exhibit at least some of the many
symptoms of the Sociopath. This is probably why today’s
psychiatrists and psychologists seem reluctant to use the
term sociopath, when diagnosing disorders. Or it could be
because many of them are sociopaths themselves.

Unfortunately the spoiled brats of the 1960′s and 1970′s
have begat the sociopaths of today. Unconvinced, see
if this short profile of a sociopath sounds familiar……

1. Grandiose Sense of Self/Extreme Narcissism
2. Irresponsibility/Unreliability
3. Manipulatively Charming
4. Lack of Empathy/Exploits Others Effectively
5. Impulsive Nature
6. Blurred Sense of Right and Wrong

Well, you get the point. Here’s more


Essentially, a Sociopath is someone who possesses most
every undesirable human quality except a penchant for
violence. They do their best work through mind games.
They don’t like to get their hands dirty. They’re emotional
bullies and physical cowards. All masked be a strikingly
reasonable, controlled, facade. At other times, they utilize
sudden emotional outbursts as a way to neutralize or
control weaker personalities.

It’s not a stretch to believe that we all harbor some
of these tendencies But don’t worry, a real sociopath
wouldn’t actually believe they might be a sociopath. The
scary part is they usually appear so normal.

Nonetheless they’re master manipulators who can
make you think “your the one with the real problem” if
you dare question their superior, condescending,

Which brings us back to Anthony Weiner. He’s never had a
**real job, served in the military, or run a business. Yet,
he felt qualified to be in Congress. So, since the majority of
spoiled brats and sociopaths in his district believe that’s OK,
and, because like Weiner, they equate good government with
humongous taxes, he was elected, and then, reelected six

Having periodically observed his behavior on the job for
those fourteen years, I easily concluded that Weiner
is most assuredly a self-obsessed, attention- junkie, which
is as kind a euphemism I can muster. In other words, he’s
been at best a spoiled brat. But in his district, as long as he
calls himself a Democrat, being a spoiled brat is irrelevant. ,

Worst of all, despite the fact that there’s no doubt he’s now
exhibiting nearly all characteristics of a textbook sociopath,
polling in the Brooklyn/Queens district he represents, still shows
his constituents want to retain him as their Congressman.
So who’s the sociopath.

Sure seems as though America cares less and less about the
quality of those they elect to political office. That’s bad news,
because there will never be a shortage of spoiled brats and
sociopaths who think they’re “entitled” to elected office.
The problem is, far too often our politicians are as pathetic
as we are. So we vote for them.

As of now, the reality is that although Anthony Weiner
should resign, there’s really no precedent to convince him
it’s necessary. Why resign, when the two things at which he
excels, the overspending of taxpayer dollars, and happily
indulging in immoral, illicit, sexual behavior, can only improve
his chances of becoming the Democratic presidential nominee.

The only way to improve this nation, will be to stop electing
spoiled brats and sociopaths. Perhaps it will take term-limits.
Perhaps it will require good people to jump out of their comfort
zone, and run for office. But it won’t matter at all if we, the
electorate, fail to live and vote like grown-ups.

However, if the prospect of being a grown-up seems like it
might be too difficult or take too long to achieve, there’s one
easy first step you can take. Next election, just find out who
Snooki, and Lady Gaga are voting for, then vote against them.

** Representative Weiner did of course serve on NYC
City Council

Is This America ???

May 17th, 2011

We really don’t have what you’d call “political prisoners”
here in America; at least not yet. But I’m sure that’s what
some might consider Lt. Col. Terry Larkin. who was
released from prison Friday. (May 13, 2011)
Larkin is an Army physician who refused orders to
Afghanistan, claiming those orders were illegal.

Larkin’s actions are based on his belief that Barack Obama,
the person giving the order, isn’t actually the president
because he’s not an American citizen. Yes, he’s a “Birther”.
But he’s not just any “Birther”, he’s one that was so sure
of Obama’s Kenyan origin that he was willing to spend
six months in Leavenworth rather than to deploy under
Obama’s command. (He actually served five months)

The Larkin case leaves me officially divided against myself.
From my military experience I can distinctly remember being
told that if you believe an order to be illegal you must first
carry out that order. Only after the fact can you question
or report the order.

So do I think Larkin should have spent five months in the
brig ? Legally, I’m afraid he had to. Did I want him to ?
Absolutely not, because I agree with him. Does that make me,
or anyone agreeing with Larkin, a crazed, lawless, anti-Obama,
government hating, right-wing nut-ball ??

Let’s say it does. Suppose Obama is actually a legal citizen.
If he is, why is so much of his personal life still sketchy,
questionable, or unavailable.

During the “George W Bush Years” there was no shortage
of jokes recounting his academic history as a “C” student.
Just what you’d expect from an country that thrives on
daily, cheap, easy insults of it’s public figures. It’s fun, and
it’s legal; at least for now

Though the Bush jokes were kind of humorous, if there
would’ve been even the slightest probability that President
Bush might actually have been using multiple Social Security
numbers for much of his life, would that be reason to laugh ?
If there would have been such a possibility wouldn’t
“60 Minutes” have been all over it ? Yes !!

Wouldn’t ABC, CBS, and CNN have investigated if there
had been evidence that Barbara Bush, mother of the President,
had ever possessed multiple Social Security numbers ??
Definitely Yes !!

If there had been a scintilla of suspicion that Bush’s
grandmother, could have at one time had easy access to
expired Social Security numbers, and just might have acquired
them for future personal use, wouldn’t MSNBC’s Rachel
Maddow, even now, be referring to the Bush clan as a
“Crime Family”. Yes !!

Of course, we know Bush was a “C” student because his
academic records, as is the practice in America, was freely
accessible to the American public. So why wouldn’t Bush
and his staffers, knowing full well he was a “C” student,
not try to hide his academic record ?? Could it be because
the public had a right to know ?? Yes !!

Had Bush attended three different colleges, including two
Ivy League schools, and refused to provide a transcript from
any of them, wouldn’t it be natural to assume that at best, he
was hiding them because he was a “C” student ? Yes !!

Wouldn’t it be perfectly logical to believe that hiding three
sets of transcripts from three different schools would hint at
far more than a lackluster academic performance ? Yes !!

If President George W. Bush had insisted that all of his
personal papers as Texas Governor were irrelevant to the
current debate and had them sealed, wouldn’t the New York
Times cover it “front page above the fold” for at least two
consecutive weeks. More than likely !!

if George W Bush had been a state senator from the
Midwest, and refused to allow any of his votes to be
placed into the public record. Wouldn’t those highly
intelligent ladies on “The View” have pilloried him as a
secretive, power-mad Nazi ?? Of course they would’ve,
and they’d have been right to do so !!

Had George W. Bush fiercely campaigned on transparency,
and then, upon election, forbidden perusal of his medical
records or even his passport wouldn’t EVERYONE
be more than a bit alarmed ? Ahhh, I hope so !!

If, as president, George W. Bush had spent millions of
dollars on politically motivated lawyers to dissociate him
from his actual life history, wouldn’t gathering clouds of
possible scandal have been insinuated every half-hour on
Headline-News ? No question about it !!

But, if George W. Bush had been a black, Democrat with
questionable foreign ties and Marxist parents, wouldn’t
it have been politically incorrect, to not continuously praise
him as an historic, post-civil rights, egalitarian reformer,
who only wanted nothing more than to fix America and
unite the world ? Yes ! Definitely ! Of course !!

If George W. Bush had been able to use the line “My mother
was from Kansas, my father from Kenya”, wouldn’t it have
been socially unacceptable, narrow minded, jingoistic,
xenophobic, not to mention out-right brutish, to ever, EVER,
not recognize him as the greatest president in the history
of America ??? Yes !! Right On !! Exactly !!

Seems like Lt. Colonel Larkin just might have been a political
prisoner after all !! As a matter of fact, I’m suddenly feeling
like one myself. It feels much better being a right-wing